Who to play Holland

Martin Bailey mobailey at ntlworld.com
Sat Dec 1 03:07:59 CST 2007

Very nice.  It's good to see them get 4 songs on this show.  Two weeks ago, Stereophonics only got to play 2 songs.  The songs and interviews are spread out throughout out the whole show:

 - Seeker.  Nice guitar at the start.  Roger's voice starts off sounding uncertain.  It always takes them so long to get warmed up, especially when they haven't been touring for a few months.

 - Small interview with Pete and Roger.  They talk about how they met, etc.  Play High Numbers video clip of "Dance to Keep from Crying" from Amazing Journey DVD.

 - Tea & Theatre - just Roger and Pete.  Roger holding a bottle of water instead of teacup.  Strange for this song to be played so early on.  (Although this decision makes sense when you see how they close the show.)

 - My Generation.  Fairly sterile - pretty much just a re-interpretation of the original studio version.  Little chance of jamming and going off on tangents.  Although Pete did throw in some "beginning of AAA"-type riffs at the end.  Jools complements Pino's bass solo at the end.

 - end of the show, Who get to close.  Baba O'Riley starts.  Played brilliantly - they've finally started to warm up.  Zak's shimmering water-effect bass drum looks mesmerizing under the studio lights.  The finish is performed beautifully.  Good ending to the show.  The crowd go wild.

Good choice of songs.  Certainly well received by Jools and the audience.


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