Rushdie and Moon: compare

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Sun Aug 26 06:52:30 CDT 2007

>From a profile in the Sunday Boston Globe:

The elegant assassin
By Christopher Shea

THE BLOOD PRESSURE of some of America's leading novelists no doubt just shot up: James Wood, The New Republic's famously stringent book critic -- scourge of John Updike, Toni Morrison, Thomas Pynchon, Don DeLillo -- has jumped to The New Yorker, giving him a much wider audience for his coolly incendiary literary sermons...

...Wood's fans and detractors are now watching with excitement, curiosity, and consternation to see where things might go. Mark Greif, co-editor of N + 1, says, "My own fantasy is that The New Yorker will release him to write about all the other things his talent may allow him to write about. You do wonder what would happen if they said, 'Go take a trip to Europe and tell us what you see.' What would happen if James Wood wrote about TV, or rock 'n' roll? I'm told he is a great fan of Keith Moon, the drummer for the Who."

It's true. "Remember, I grew up with [Saul] Bellow," Wood says. "If you love Bellow, you love exuberance and stylistic showing off. That is exactly my complaint against someone like [Salman] Rushdie. It's not style, it's all noise. He doesn't hit the drums like Moon hits them."
-Brian in Atlanta
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