ITA Season 1 Episode 10 DVD on sale at LLR!

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Fri Aug 24 14:49:31 CDT 2007

The DVD of In the Attic Episode 10 is now on sale at  

This is the final episode of the groundbreaking ITA Season 1.  The Attic Gang present 10 stunning original songs in this one, including very beautiful performances of Sunrise and Just Breathe.  

Many thanks to those of you who have supported LLR and ITA by purchasing these DVDs!  I hope you have all enjoyed this series.

I'm not sure if we will be getting any more future shows to sell or not, but I will sure try.  If you liked these shows and would like to see more, please help spread the word about this series to your friends so that we can get more sales.  I think that everyone has been very happy with our PPD system, but we still need to prove that people are willing to buy this content.   If you have been thinking about buying one but haven't gotten around to it yet, please help us out and do it now.   If you want to see any more shows released on LLR, please leave a comment on Rachel's blog at and let her know about it.  This is very much a grassroots effort, and we need your help to make this a success.

Here are the DVD details for Ep 10.

In The Attic 
Season One Episode Ten
Webcast Live on 23rd November 2005
Oceanic Studios

Source: Master Proshot PAL DVCAM > PC Authored NTSC DVD


Rachel Fuller
Mikey Cuthbert
Pete Townshend
Simon Townshend

Track Listing:

01 - Opening Credits
02 - Introduction (Rachel Fuller and Mikey Cuthbert)
03 - Into My Heart (Rachel Fuller)
04 - CD: In the Mix (Rachel Fuller)
05 - Plasticine (Mikey Cuthbert)
06 - How About No War (Rachel Fuller)
07 - Becky joins the Attic
08 - Lisa joins the Attic
09 - Video: Fashion Tips (Rachel Fuller)
10 - Pete joins the Attic
11 - Just Breathe (Rachel Fuller and Pete Townshend)
12 - Tourist (Mikey Cuthbert)
13 - Angel (Rachel Fuller)
14 - Simon joins the Attic
15 - Soul Searching (Simon Townshend)
16 - Our Time (Simon Townshend)
17 - CD: Bigger Than Beauty (Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller)
18 - Stuart joins the Attic
19 - Matches (Mikey Cuthbert and Rachel Fuller)
20 - Sunrise (Rachel Fuller and Pete Townshend)
21 - Video: Wanting (Mikey Cuthbert)
22 - End Credits

Duration: 02:21:28

Price: $10.00 USD 

You can watch a preview of the show up on youtube.
The first 9 episodes for In the Attic are still available too.  Here are the youtube previews for those shows.

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For those who are unable to download, you can order a burned copy of the DVD for an additional donation of $5 or more to LLR for P&P.  Contact carriepr at for more information.

Pay Per Downloads are now Ratio Free releases.  Download ratio will not count, but Upload ratio will.  If you need help boosting your ratio percentage on LLR, purchasing PPDs will now help you!

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