Quiet in Who Nation?

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Thu Aug 23 12:10:57 CDT 2007

So how are we all?
I've been taking a sabbatical from all that is Who, lately
(music-wise...I still check here daily to see whaz-up...).
Is it this quiet all over Who Nation, or just igtc?
A recommendation...
My wife turned me onto a "b-sides" cd from one of my favorite bands,
It's only available through their web site.
While there is definitely some funky Cake music to feast on and enjoy,
they have a cover (both studio and live) of Black Sabbath's War Pigs
that is absolutely off the charts.  Holy smokes, talk about a song to
air-drum or guitar to.  
So, waiting for Pete to communicate in some fashion on what lies ahead.
He's understandably taking a sabbatical from all that is Who, too.
I had Pure and Easy out last evening pushing her limits.  20-25k winds,
2-3 ft. waves, and one overwhelmed 5 yo.
Thanks to Jim M. for forwarding to me a neat old photo of Pete (circa
1973-ish) climbing the mast of a sailboat.
I'd love the opportunity to sit down with the man and just talk sailing
and boats.
Ok, not much else to say.
Someone sweep up the floor from time to time.  Those chip crumbs in the
corner have been there since the beginning of the tour.
And Schrade, do your dishes every once in a while, will ya?
Kevin in VT

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