Cleveland performance of "Tommy"

Chris Frate cfrate at
Mon Aug 13 22:55:41 CDT 2007

Isn't that always the way these things work out? We actually picked 
September 1st because it was the only weekend this summer that Peter Noone 
wasn't stealing our bass player! If the show turns out well, I will 
hopefully have some clips for everyone to see shortly afterward.

-Chris in Cleveland

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>> I have been on the Who Mailing List for many years now, so I just wanted 
>> to
>> let everyone know that my band , "Center for Rock Research" is performing
>> the entire "Tommy" in the Cleveland, OH area this September 1st. We are 
>> also
>> doing a sampling of Quad songs. It should be a lot of fun if you live
>> anywhere near Cleveland (Scott Schrade, this means you!).
> Shite!  Would you believe that *my* band has a gig that night?!  Well, we 
> do.
> A fantastic club in Akron -- the Lime Spider -- will be closing soon, & 
> this will
> be our last show there.
> Sorry, Chris.  I hope you guys have a great show.  Let us know how it 
> goes.
> - SCHRADE in Akron
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