new Japanese Who CDs

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Sat Aug 11 11:39:57 CDT 2007

The new Japanese only 24 bit remastered Who CDs with the limited mini-LP  
covers are in for those that ordered them (thanks very much!).
As I hoped, the covers for "My Generation" and "Sell Out" are the very rare  
Japanese only LP covers from the 1960s!  These album covers were unique to  
Japan and I have never even seen the pictures anywhere else (same for most of  
their 45 sleeves from Japan).  If you would like to see them please refer  to 
Fang's Who website.
If you are interested in a set of the 5 new CD reissues please email me at  
_BiggsCVC at aol.com_ (mailto:BiggsCVC at 
Greg Biggs
CVC Collectables

_www.cvccollect.com_ ( 

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