New Who reference in new MST3K

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Fri Aug 10 06:37:44 CDT 2007

>From an article on the new "Film Crew" DVD made by old
members of the beloved comedy show "Mystery Science
Theatre 3000". That show was filled with references to
The Who.

Their first find was as obscure and orphaned as a film
can get. "Hollywood After Dark" is a 1968 drive-in
afterthought starring Healdton, OK's own Rue
McClanahan (TV's "The Golden Girls") as a stripper who
takes in a down-on-his-luck loner who's fallen in with
some shady company in the seedier districts of
Tinseltown. The acting is over-the-top, the
black-and-white production values are rock-bottom, and
the crew has a ball with it.

"Look, it's Roger Daltrey!" one of them said about
McClanahan's hairdo. Another likens her dancing to "my
drunk aunt at a wedding."

-Brian in Atlanta
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