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Jim M nakedi at
Wed Aug 1 12:48:15 CDT 2007

----- Original Message ----- From: "Carrie Pratt"

> Thanks for pointing out the thread in the Goldhawk Club forum Jim.  I have
been posting links to these vids in the LLR
> Concert Calendar.  My goal is to have a vid clip for each show.  If you
have a good one, please do post it in the thread
> listed below, and I'll add it!

My pleasure, Carrie.  If I posted every great thing from your site here, it
would fill up IGTC!  Keep up the good work.

If anyone hasn't visited the thread, it's a collection of youtube like links
with clips or full songs from every show on the tour, plus the attic jam
shows.  Some of them are pro shot, some are from the audience.  Lots & lots
of fun stuff.

Jim M

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