Vancouver Sun on The Who's first visit

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Wed Aug 1 06:39:17 CDT 2007

>From The Vancouver Sun:

That same month, there was another Sun review of a
concert by British pop group Herman's Hermits, "which
also featured The Who and The Blues Magoos."

It was a reported that one girl suffered a broken
tooth at the Agrodome show "when she was hit by a
piece of guitar thrown into the crowd of 4,200 by a
member of The Who group."

The reporter noted The Who ended their performance by
smashing their guitars and drums.

There was no mention of band members by name -- Roger
Daltrey, John Entwistle, Keith Moon and Pete Townshend
-- or of the titles of the eight songs played:
Substitute, Summertime Blues, I'm A Boy, Happy Jack,
Pictures Of Lily, Boris The Spider, So Sad About Us
and My Generation. That's because concerts then were
mainly covered by  news reporters. 
(The Sun's first full-time rock music critic was
Vaughn Palmer in 1976.)

-Brian in Atlanta
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