"the seeker " tattoo upgrade

Johanna Johnson jmljohnson3 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 10:05:13 CDT 2007

I found myself on Venice Beach recently at the same time I am craving new ink.  Fortunately for my Seeker tattoo, I didn't jump in too quickly.
  My Seeker tattoo is a work in progress I've decided.  It is kind of top heavy on my arm and needs something to balance it.
  So, I walk into my fav tattoo place in Venice and asked for some opinions on what I could do to accomplish this.  I didn't like their ideas, but I I began to get my own idea which would be a few bars of music along the bottom which would at least be the first step in designing it.
  He enthusiastically starts working on something, gets the transfer on my arm and eureka!  He put the music notes on upside down!!  Lucky it was temporary!  I thanked him, shook his hand and bolted.
  Anyway, I decided that I don't just want any bars of music notes on my arm but the actually music from The Seeker (and I don't want it upside down!).
  Does anyone have any Who sheet music?  I only need a few bars.  I would love the part of the song "won't get to get what I'm after, 'til the day I die".
  Thanks. :)

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