Townshend Barking Mad

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Well, I know of one Blogger who DID use her dog barking for one of her 
sittings! I used fake bird songs from a keyboard to accompany my picture of 
a magical looking tree.

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>>From The Register:
> Who star to make beautiful music with girlfriend's dog
> Barking all the way to the bank
> By Kelly Fiveash
> Guitar smashing English rocker and internet enthusiast Pete Townshend has 
> said he might use sounds made by his girlfriend's dog to create digital 
> music.
> "I as a composer would try to get something out of this dog that would 
> give me the chance to turn the dog into music," he said.
> "I might listen to the way it breathes, I might touch it and see how it 
> feels, I might listen to its bark, I might look at the rhythm of his 
> running."
> The Who guitarist and songwriter has been talking up a web-based software 
> program which he reckons can be used by anyone without a modicum of 
> musical talent to compose a song, according to Reuters.
> It's a project that Townshend has been thinking about since his art school 
> days back in the pre-internet Swinging (yawn) Sixties.
> The 62-year-old rock opera fanatic responsible for hit albums that include 
> Tommy and Quadrophenia said: "You can put data in and get a piece of music 
> out. It's as simple as that."
> Townshend has endorsed the software, which is called Method and was 
> developed by mathematician and composer Lawrence Ball and Dave Snowdon.
> On the website, which is set to go live on 1 May, Method is explained as 
> like "sitting for a portrait". The user "paints" the instrumental track 
> using voice recordings, digital images, and a microphone to compose music.
> A hand-picked team of composers then swoop in to work on the tracks. 
> Townshend will sometimes join in to improve the music, adding more complex 
> stuff which could eventually end up on a new album.
> "It represents a whole new level of rock integration, blending rock and 
> psychedelia with classical and experimental music," Ball said.
> But ok, yes, we own up...
> The rock star was joking about his girlfriend's dog, but he is deadly 
> serious about the rest of it - including his hope that users will be happy 
> to share the copyright of their original compositions. Your chance to 
> become a rock god can be fully realised from 1 August when a subscription 
> service will be made available on the website.
> Surely, you would be barking mad not to sign up.
> -Brian in Atlanta
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