stalled Daltrey bio back on

Thu Apr 26 00:34:55 CDT 2007

first biography dedicated to roger? well, maybe the first authorised one. 

A biography on rocker Roger Daltrey, which The Who star Pete Townshend halted 
20 years ago, is back on after writer Jalanne Barnes convinced the guitarist 
she wouldn't do a bad job.

Townshend, who has been working on his own autobiography for years, urged 
Barnes to stop plans to write a Daltrey book in the late 1980s - a decade after 
she had started work on the project, called "Behind Daltrey's Eyes."

In a posting on, Barnes reports, "When Pete 
Townshend discovered I was writing a biography about Roger Daltrey, he told me a book 
about The Who's lead singer could only be written in one of two ways: a fluff 
piece from a groupie or a hard-nosed expose that would make Townshend look 
like a tyrant.

"He could see no other outcome to such an endeavor."Barnes claims Townshend 
has since calmed down about the idea of the book, which will be the first 
biography dedicated to rocker Daltrey.

P.S.  our condolences to keith richards whose mother passed away at the age 
of 91. keith was there at her bedside.

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