Lifehouse Experience

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Tue Apr 17 12:35:56 CDT 2007

> I wasn't expecting much, but then it started playing...
> to be continued.

Sorry, just wanted to listen to it a few times.  It's surprisingly
beautiful, and complex.  Definitely "Pete Townshend Synthesiser Experiment"

I wasn't expecting much at all; the samples I'd  uploaded weren't that
great.  But it produced a really beautiful piece of music.

It's five minutes long, and has a few different sections to it.  I guess the
piano progression may be a little repetitive.  Has a fantastic ending

Apart from variations on the mouse rhythm I clicked with my mouse, I can't
recognise the samples I uploaded.  I can't really tell what input I've had
into it.

I've downloaded the MP3 (5 minute track, 6mb file).  But I can't see how
anyone else can download it from the website.

Makes me want to try it again, to see how different the music will be next


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