Lifehouse Experience

Martin Bailey mobailey at
Tue Apr 17 12:03:32 CDT 2007

I've just sat for my first portrait.

It first asked for some sounds that I've created.  Either a sound file
already on my PC or I could use a microphone to record something directly
into the website.

I couldn't get the website microphone to work, despite playing around in the
Audio Devices Control Panel applet for a while.  So I used Sound Recorder to
record my voice through my webcam's microphone.  (This isn't going to be
easy for non-techies.)

First, it wanted my voice.   I recorded myself saying "forty two", and
uploaded it to the website.

It asked for a picture to upload.

A few years ago (possibly whilst drunk) I had laid the side of my face on my
scanner to take my picture.  I've still got the distorted image, which
doesn't really look much like me.   But it's quite an unusual pose, so I
uploaded that.

Now it wanted me to record a sound.  I'd just been listening to the loops
from Fragments, and I still had that in my head.  So I recorded a quick
spoken "dilid dilid dilid dilid", and uploaded it to the website.

Now it was asking me to Record a Rhythm.  I could upload the file, or click
one using the mouse.  That seemed fun, and I tapped out a nice rhythm on the
first try.

That's it.  Now sit back and wait for it to make a piece of music - it said
it would be a few minutes.

I wasn't expecting much, but then it started playing...

to be continued.


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