Pete inspires Jerry Hall

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Sun Apr 15 06:57:44 CDT 2007

This was in Friday's The Independent. Don't know how I missed it but this is too good!

Jerry Hall: My Life In Tracey Emin's Column

I called Pete Townshend and his girlfriend Rachel Fuller to see if I could pop over. They live across the street, but they were just going out. I told him how much I loved Tommy, which I'd just watched again on telly. My favourite bit is when Tommy crashes through the mirror into the sea and is cured of being deaf, dumb and blind. Pete wrote a song on his new album Endless Wire talking about a mirror door and I so loved the image that I used it in a poem I wrote...
he is a hollow hyperbole
the crowd plays him like a flute
a mythical icon
a dionysian fluke
the crowd lives out their fantasy
through his mirror door they see
an image of the person
they wish that they could be
he fucks their women
and fights their battles against mediocrity
but when he comes home to me
all that's left is vd
-Brian in Atlanta
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