"the 10 cheesiest commercial songs ever" a.k.a. sellouts

Martin Bailey mobailey at ntlworld.com
Sat Apr 14 14:06:42 CDT 2007

Jim M said:

> I never understood the Punk to New Wave progression. Somehow things went
> from facial piercings and sneering attitude to poofy swirly hair and skin
> tight leather. Made me a little uncomfortable.

When you say "New Wave" do you really mean "New Romantics"?

New Romantics were bands like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Ultravox, ABC,
etc.  It came after punk, but wasn't descended from it.  As you described,
they dressed in "poofy" outfits.

New Wave was a natural progression or "growing up" of punk.  Includes bands
like The Cure, Joy Division / New Order,  Talking Heads etc.

New Wave = good
New Romantics = bad.


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