Stern on Imus

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Fri Apr 13 00:06:15 CDT 2007

"My apologies for the blatant non-Who content (or lack of any content), but I'm 
dying to know what Imus' arch enemy, Howard Stern, has been saying about the 
Imus Scandal.
I don't know where else to turn!

Mc, anything to report?"

Kevin in VT
Stern and the gang have been having a grand time with all of this.  They played the entire apology, his appearance on Al Sharpton's radio show and his spot on the Today Show.  Stern was asked whether he was happy to see Imus taken down, and he replied, "Well, I don't know about happy.  Robin, what are the levels above happy?"  He recounted numerous stories about Imus' racist behavious from the WNBC days, including berating one of the receptionists and calling her a "n***er."  They had an especially good time playing the clips of Imus patting himself on the back for hosting black kids with cancer at his ranch, and for his wife holding the hand of a child who had to be rushed to the hospital during a sickle cell anemia attack.  And when he referred to Al Sharpton and a caller as "you people."
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