"the 10 cheesiest commercial songs ever" a.k.a. sellouts

Jim M nakedi at comcast.net
Thu Apr 12 08:25:55 CDT 2007

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> It was the only way to visually hang onto "the edge."
> For a rock star, you have to do something.

Exactly.  He was trying too hard.

> Come on.  You can't go that far.

What, to call it Flock of Seagulls, or to say I preferred it?

> Pete had a classic New Wave <hint of punk> do.
> I had one too in '87 (finally cut my long zipper-head part in the center
> hair)!

I never understood the Punk to New Wave progression.  Somehow things went
from facial piercings and sneering attitude to poofy swirly hair and skin
tight leather.  Made me a little uncomfortable.

Anyway, none of this crap suited Pete at all.  His best 80s look was the
neatly cropped, distinguished, I'm going bald and who cares look from the
mid 80s White City, Deep End, Live Aid era.  It's what he's gone back to
now, though sparser and more grey.

> To be certain, I wasn't really talking about his hair, but rather his
> disposition!
> 'Hi, I'm Pete, and I'm pissed out of my brain!  Got a problem?  Tough
> I'm rich and famous and Pete Townshend!"
> Love it....

Right on about that.  Like Kampuchea.  He was definitely *not* trying too
hard then.

Jim M

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