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Wed Apr 11 22:50:13 CDT 2007

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> Stern wants to see Imus fired becuase he hates him. He loves the idea that 
> NBC is on its knees trying to figure out what to do. He did say the remark 
> was stupid and laughs at Imus' stupidity. Stern at least has diversity in 
> his group; Imus' show does not. Stern is sitting back laughing at Imus 
> defending himself and laughing at NBC;

nothing really surprising, although I was wondering about stern's reaction to 
the whole imus thing too. as much as some may not be too fond of robin on 
stern's show, at least stern has what you may call a "strong black woman" as one 
of his "co-horts" (I believe she served in the military believe it or not), 
and they even make fun of each other now and then.  that's the kind of humor 
that pete was lacking on that fateful morning and roger was willing to go along 
with.   if you go on stern's show, you should expect to be made fun of about 
something and be willing to go along with it. if you don't want it, don't go on. 
 I know it sounds like i'm changing the subject here, but that's how I feel. 

personally, I never really liked imus by the way. I saw his show on MSNBC 
once because I heard someone was gonna be on, and it was like the most boring 
thing I've ever seen on TV.  I can do his voice though. maybe I could be his 
replacement during the two weeks he's off? ; )

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