Stern on Imus

Barbara Guerriero mushmouse_44 at
Wed Apr 11 19:25:22 CDT 2007

Stern wants to see Imus fired becuase he hates him. He loves the idea that 
NBC is on its knees trying to figure out what to do. He did say the remark 
was stupid and laughs at Imus' stupidity. Stern at least has diversity in 
his group; Imus' show does not. Stern is sitting back laughing at Imus 
defending himself and laughing at NBC;


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>My apologies for the blatant non-Who content (or lack of any content), but 
>I'm dying to know what Imus' arch enemy, Howard Stern, has been saying 
>about the Imus Scandal.
>I don't know where else to turn!
>Mc, anything to report?
>Kevin in VT
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