[Oddsandsods] who is this???

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Sun Apr 8 19:24:59 CDT 2007

I just got this from a fan list for The Move

Milan Palalido Palazzo Dello Sport  April 8th 1967

I don't think it's the Who or The Move. Does anyone know?


There is some debate but apparently it is an Italian band called "I 
Moschettieri" that was one of the support acts for a show with The Move and 
The Rolling Stones.  The more complete recording was recently torrented on 


Rolling Stones Milan Palalido Palazzo Dello Sport April 8th 1967 2nd show

...got this about 2 years ago from a friend of the son of the taper ,....

For me the "best" Stones ´67 aud recording,...but still far away of being 
I quote the son of the taper
><my friend's father used a little tape recorder or "geloso" or "philips" 
>with ><microphone ('60 years model)<<

On the begin of the tape there are 3 songs of one of the support acts.
It could be the local italien band named "I MOSCHETTIERI" which was on the 
bill according the taper
or it could be "The Move" which was on the bill too according to James 
Karnbach (Stones specialist)
Then you hear the Stones ,....last 2 songs are missing.

The selfmade artwork lists THE MOVE ,..so this might be wrong.

OK thats it enjoy

1) Announcement
2) Support act (Can't Explain)
3) Support act (crowd noise, several edits)
4) Support act (I Feel Good)
5) Stones introduction (See See Rider)
6) Tapers comment
7) The Last Time
8) Paint It Black
9) 19th Nervous Breakdown
10) Lady Jane
11) Get Off Of My Cloud-Yesterday's Papers
12) Ruby Tuesday
13) Let's Spend The Night Together

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