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Sat Apr 7 07:55:13 CDT 2007

>Scott Schrade
>Here's my opinion:

Oh joy.

>The album isn't that good.


>ENDLESS WIRE is mediocre at best,

Shocker, but.........Says you!
(and only a small handful, from what I can tell.)
Seems reviews have been really strong, from both fans and professional 
dick-head critics alike.
Hell, 4 out of 5 stars from Rolling Stone, Uncut, Q, (there was another one 

>&, like Joe said,
>songs have to be hot shit in order for other cars to get
>moved out of the classic rock parking lot.

My reaction to the post about why there haven't been more songs on the radio 
was to think of that quote from Roger when he was on Stern.  It went 
something like "Well, that would take management."  To which Stern replied, 
"Oh, you guys don't have good management?"  And Roger confirms with "Nah, 
never have."

What's interesting, is that while I have only heard songs from EW 
sporadically on the radio, it seems that I'm hearing much more Who on the 
radio these days.  In station trailers, in music blocks, you name it.
And, what has *really* gotten my attention, is that the stations seem to be 
digging deeper.

A couple of examples....
Driving up the mountain road to a resort this winter, bright and early in 
the AM, and my drive is greeted with "Sensation", and a whole medley from 
Tommy.  That won't hurt ya!

Or, just last night on our way home from the movies (Wild Hogs....needed 
some silly comedy in our lives).
Our Classic Rock station is having a "block party."  First song is Pinball 
Wizard.  Ok, no news there.
Second song is ....shite.....blanking on the name..<hangs head in 
shame>....goes like "You don't answer my call with even a nod or a wink, yet 
you gaze at your own reflection....."
Well, you don't hear *that* every day on the radio.  Can't say I ever have.
But, then the *real* surprise!  The last song was Real Good Looking Boy.
< ! >
This wasn't our eclectic station, or privately run, or anything like that.
This was Clear Channel Classic Rock.
And you know what??
It fit right in, like an old classic Who staple.

Back to It's not Enough.....
I think it was a big mistake to not play it live.
Had they, I believe it would have received much more air play.

My two cents, and smelly opinions!

Kevin in VT 

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