FlashGordon rgordon1276 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 22:46:10 CDT 2007

"Granted, I have no facts about CD sales or download sales,"

Some guy on twt.com posts stats from time to time.  I didn't pay much
attention, but I think he said sales were closing on a million worldwide.  I
think the CD went gold in the UK some time back.  That's not bad for a band
that's been out of the market for so long.

What kind of royalty deal do you think they might have cut with their
label?  If it's 5 cents per cd on a million sales then they made maybe $50K
and if it's 10 cents then maybe $100K.  Wild guessing, of course.  (Is that
the way cd royalty deals go?)  Pete gets the lion's share of it, of course,
as the composer and songwriter.  Rachel gets a small cut on her song.

So, then they get peanuts for royalties on any songs played on the radio.
In the US, Pete and Rachel get all the royalties; Roger and the rest of the
band get zilch, so they release "It's Not Enough" as the single.  On the
tour, they're making a million a night.  Let's weigh the costs and
the benefits here.  Hmmm.  Any wonder why they didn't bother to do the
interviews and promotion Universal had set up for them?

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