Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Thu Apr 5 18:15:08 CDT 2007


>Hi.  I am mostly a lurker, don't post too often.
Good to hear from you.  Don't be a stranger..

>I am feeling very disappointed.  The tour was fantastic, don't get me wrong.
>I saw the London, Ontario and Toronto shows.  They were *GREAT*.
>But local radio has not really been that hot.  "It's not enough" got some
>play on Q107, but where is the second single?
>2000 years is catchy.   Mike Post Theme is awesome.   Why no promotion?

I think the record companies have limited promotion budgets these 
days given declining sales.   If anybody should be promoting it, it 
is/was  iTunes.  I
believe they did for a week or so when it first came out.

I think the tour was designed to make up for the lack of promotion budget of
the record company.

>The Who's marketing machine let us down.  They did great on the tour
>promotion, and shitty on the cd promotion.

I would have to say that they probably make more money on the tours than the
CD sales.   The tour was publicized well, I thought.

I think they tried, but are having a hard time overcoming the din of what's
already out there, and their own legacy.   My analogy is that of a parking lot
that is full.  Each car is a song, and each space represents a play time slot.
Unless Man In A Purple Dress can cross over to the Christian rock market,
it is firmly in the Classic rock market with the Who's legacy.  So the Classic
rock spaces are limited, and let's face it, there are already a 
half-dozen to 10
Who songs already parked in many of those spaces.  They've been there
for years, have flat tires and are not moving.   We need more parking!  Enter
Sirius and The Who channel.   I have to admit, I did not listen to this as I
do not have Sirius.   This ran for over 5 months.  That's pretty good 

The In The Attic broadcasts, and live jams were also an attempt at promotion.
I think they did a wonderful job.  It's just very, very, very, very hard.

Granted, I have no facts about CD sales or download sales, but the only thing
I did not see was an Apple iTunes commercial - a la U2.   That may have helped
a bunch, but who knows?

>I am wondering if that is just symptomatic of my geography.  Was the cd
>promoted better elsewhere?

I have never heard a song from Endless Wire on Philadelphia radio.  I'm
an atypical Classic Rock listener.  I can guarantee that the classic rock
stations played some if not all of the album when it first came out.  It
is just not one of their staples (yet!)

>It's not too late.  We all need to call in and request songs.

This would only work if you have stations that allow requests.  Some markets
don't even have those anymore.  :-(

Joe in Philly

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