Howe Machine Company howemachinecompany at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 5 14:47:35 CDT 2007

Hi.  I am mostly a lurker, don't post too often.

I am feeling very disappointed.  The tour was fantastic, don't get me wrong.
I saw the London, Ontario and Toronto shows.  They were *GREAT*.
But local radio has not really been that hot.  "It's not enough" got some
play on Q107, but where is the second single?
2000 years is catchy.   Mike Post Theme is awesome.   Why no promotion?

The Who's marketing machine let us down.  They did great on the tour
promotion, and shitty on the cd promotion.  

I am wondering if that is just symptomatic of my geography.  Was the cd
promoted better elsewhere?

It's not too late.  We all need to call in and request songs.

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