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Wed Apr 4 21:30:38 CDT 2007

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> Realize this is old news at this point, but anyone agree with me that it 
> was really lame of The Who to cancel a show because Roger couldn't sing? On 
> with the show! It's not like the band doesn't have another lead singer. 
> Personally, if I'd gone to the trouble of going to the venue that night and Roger 
> went down, I'd rather have heard Pete sing instead of banking on the possibility 
> of a re-scheduled show. And why not make something special out of adversity? 
> I'm sure the band knows anywhere from 20 to 30 songs and Pete must be able 
> to remember the words to at 10 or 15 of them off the top of his head. What's 
> the big deal? A show with Pete fronting The Who beats no show at all. 

well, if it's just pete, then it's really a pete townshend solo show isn't 
it?    I'm surprised he didn't get another lead singer to fill the void like he 
did when John died.  but, oh well.    I just hope those who had tix get their 
money back. 

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