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> They
> link this phenomena to better nutrition and more exercise. 

umm, I thought it was just genes..  I'm quite tall, 6' 3" and my diet I don't 
think you would call necessarily healthy (although I do enjoy vegetables and 
fruit when I can) and I don't exercise as much as I know I should.. 

>> I can't wait until the segment on erectile disfunction and we are
>> treated to IH playing away, or the repeating "I want it, I want it, I 
>> want it.." :-[

oh yes, I can feel your pain.   non-who, but a deodorant commercial with the 
police song, "don't stand so close to me" could be another one.   maybe a 
contact lenses ad with "behind blue eyes"? an anti-PMS pill ad with "my wife" 

>> I would imagine that would come with the standard legal disclaimer that if 

>> you play IH for more than 4 hours to go seek medical attention 

I feel that way about "endless wire" but... I guess I should keep my mouth 
shut around here about that. ; )             

"some people have a hard time explaining rock n' roll. I don't think anyone 
can really explain rock n' roll.....except pete townshend". 

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