Who reality show and vintage Daltrey on Stern

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Mon Apr 2 15:30:57 CDT 2007

I'm excited about this "See me, hear me" show to cast Tommy.  Hell, if there is a casting call site within proximity of New Orleans, I'm gonna try out.  I know the entire soundtrack and have sung a number of these live with my band.  I'm 35, so I won't be Tommy, but I could make a convincing Uncle Ernie or Cousin Kevin.  And I do a mean cockney accent.
By the way, on Howard Stern's "Mastertape Theatre" this morning, they ran a 1986 show that the gang did in LOndon, and the in-studio guests were the Alan Parsons project and Roger Daltrey.  It was brilliant radio all around.  Roger sang WGFA with the singer/keyboard player for APP (Eric Wolfson?), then did an INCREDIBLE scream that had everyone in the studio going crazy.  If you have sirius, tune-in today, as they will be replaying it several times before tomorrow's installment.
PS- Vote for SANJAYA!!!!!!
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