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Pete....shut the F up!


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>Pete got in trouble!
>Pete got in trouble!
>Kevin in VT
>20 October 2006
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>  Dear Amanda,
>It was printed in my interview with Rolling Stone magazine that I said
>your relationship with my friend Justin was a Blog fantasy. Justin has
>been quick to tell me that what I said is wrong, and that although you
>met as fellow Bloggers you did have a proper relationship for some time.
>I am desperately sorry that I should have humiliated you both in this
>way. Amanda, your appearance on In The Attic was a memorable one and
>people often ask me about you. I suppose I think of you as one of the
>gang and ripe for a ribbing. But your private life is your own and I
>went too far speaking about you in front of a journalist, even a trusted
>When I published TBWHM you were one of my stalwart Blog supporters and I
>will never forget that. I want you and all my Bloggers to know that when
>I spoke about Blogland being full of foul people I meant the flamers. Of
>course, a Blog is a place some of us can live out a fantasy, and it was
>in that context I spoke about you Amanda - I should never have done it,
>I apologise from the bottom of my heart.
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