No Pete, no Roger on this year's Rich list

John pureneasy at
Fri Apr 28 18:17:33 CDT 2006

Just to help explain why Pete in particular isn't on the Sunday Times
rich list.

As you know, the money on recorded music is in the composing and
publishing rights. Pete is the main composer for the Who and gets the
most money.

The Rich list is published each year by the Sunday Times and is
generally based on asset worth. Pete has featured in it in recent years
with assets worth something like £20 million pounds ($30 million)

Up till last year, the Rich list started at £20 million but this year,
suggesting that the UK richest have made a huge leap in their worth, the
rich list started at £65 million. 

Pete must still be very rich - in assets at least - and may well, with
income from tv commercials and for theme music now used by 3 major US tv
shows (CSI's) be worth more than £20 million.

I'm afraid Roger's asset value has never been sufficient to get onto the
Sunday Times Rich list. 


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