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>>>Still, perfect voice.  Impressed doesn't do it justice.
Blown away is more like it<<


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>>Why, if John could still sing so well, did he have Godfrey Townshend sing 
most of the songs live that John himself recorded and sung as a solo artist?  I 
noticed this on the Left for Live CD<<<

I was at the BB King shows in NYC a few days earlier for 4 shows in two nights
and was leaning on the stage for all of them.I can tell you that John's voice 
shot.When the music is a loud as it was,it was easy to drown John's voice out 
a bit
and give a perception that he is singing well.That's just my opinion.John 
hadnt had
a good voice as far back as the 1982 tour where he still had a decent one 
it became strained by 1989.Another reason why Godfrey sang alot is the fact 
John liked to smoke and drink onstage so if he did all the singing it would 
of cut
into it.Once again,that's just my take on it from what I saw with my eyes from
the front row for 4 shows in two nights.

Mike S

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