New Opera / New Album Speculation

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Thu Apr 13 22:42:24 CDT 2006

>Really, one of *the* *coolest* Who experiences I've ever had.
Great  post, man!  I love it.
My sister-in-law and I have been watching In the Attic  via the web  and 
Instant messaging each other as it plays. She's starting to see why it is  that 
I'm such a Pete fan.  We watched the Murray Lerner interview from the  Youtube 
site (thanks Janine!) and her jaw dropped. After hearing Pete  talk about 
'Water' and 'Empty Glass', She said "Jon, no wonder you can't  let it go. He sees 
the same thing we see."  She was floored by the expanse  of his vision of 
humanity and his candid talk about the band. 
As for Rachel's songs, we're both hooked. On ITA she noticed the  way Pete 
and her care for one another in every nuance.    Women can sense that stuff. 
Jon in Mi.

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