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Now, this is indeed an issue.  Why would songs for The Who, written by Pete NOW be any less personal than they were on WBN or any of the band's subsequent albums?

The Boy Who Heard Music was nothing other than an expansion on Pete's forthcoming autobiography.  Each of the characters in the story were based around elements of Pete's life and / or experiences.
Roger was critical of Pete's material for The Who from 1974 onwards, but, in the light of his unconditional support for Pete after the allegations against him and The Who after John died, it appears that 'almost' anything goes in terms of what Roger is prepared to interpret.  It would be interesting to see what material he DID turn down though, just to compare and contrast.  Hopefully interviewers will get him to open up on this when it's eventually released - what is his motivation to sing these songs?  Why can he sing these now but not certain material he deemed too personal to Pete in the past?  Etc, etc.

Personally, I'm more excited by THIS than the live shows.  I just hope that the recording process isn't too synthesiser-heavy and it's fresh, alive and exciting when I hear it.

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After seeing a few Pete performances on "In The Attic", I anticipating
The Who's new material to be a cross between Who By Numbers
and Empty Glass. I love material from both of these albums so I'm
looking forward to these new creations.

What I'm not anticipating is absence of vocal harmonies that we have
enjoyed with The Who on previous records. I think instrumentally they
will be okay (not spectacular), and the songs will have depth, but the
vocal harmonies will not compare with past efforts.

Granted, this is not keeping me up at night, but after listening to Our 
Love Was
from Sell Out and They're All In Love from Who By Numbers yesterday in
my car - and contrasting it with the recent Attic songs (which I know are
stripped-down acoustic performances) - I am a bit concerned that the
new material will not *strongly* appeal to *me".

Joe in Philly

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