Rock Hall of Fame:Tommy exibit

Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Apr 11 12:24:58 CDT 2006

> There also was a letter from Pete in which he was
> making suggestions about who he thought should play
> certain roles in the movie. When I was reading it I
> thought that some of his suggestions were interesting,
> but I can't remember any of them now.

Thanks, Carly.  I found this via the link below:

"The exhibit includes a typed letter from Townshend to Russell 
with casting suggestions. It's intriguing to imagine: what if Joni 
Mitchell or Grace Slick had played the mother instead of Ann-
Margret? Would Charles Mingus have been a better Preacher 
than Eric Clapton? Could Lou Reed have topped Tina Turner's 
raunchy Acid Queen?"

- SCHRADE in Akron

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