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Thanks for this post. What did they have from the film version?
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> Schrade if you're listening please let  me know the details of what sounds 
> like a great  exibit.

Here's a repost of mine from 05/30/05.  Mind you, the  exhibit is over.

The TOMMY exhibit is rather small,  consisting mainly of handwritten
drafts of various aspects of the album's  creation:  song lyrics, narra-
tive structure, notes, etc.

It's  divided up into three loose sections:  the album, the film, the  Broad-
way play.

There are many posters.  Posters advertising  The Who's '69-'70
tour, posters advertising the '75 movie, & posters  advertising the 
Broadway play.

Much of the handwritten material  (mostly by Pete) is under glass.
Some of it under pinball machine  glass!  (Nice effect.)  I've seen
reproductions of a lot of this  stuff (if anyone has the Story of Tommy
book, you'll know what I'm talking  about), so I didn't spend too
much time re-reading lyrics, song lists,  etc.

A roped-off display held two of Pete's Gibson SGs circa  '69/'70:
one purportedly smashed & put back together, the other  apparently
tossed from the stage at the NYC Metropolitan Opera House  per-
formance (temporarily donated by the fan who caught it).

Also  included are some of Moon's TOMMY-era drums, Pete's
acoustic guitar which  he wrote "Pinball Wizard" on & used on much
of the TOMMY recording,  & a Roger Daltrey fringed outfit worn
at the Amsterdam '69 show (of  which the famous boot comes from).

Also encased in glass, mounted on a  wall, is Entwistle's white, Flying-
V bass guitar which he used in the  "Pinball Wizard" segment of the
TOMMY movie.

There were TOMMY-era  45-RPM records, & some neat little
TOMMY tour programs from '69 which I  wish I could've flipped

There's a separate little display  containing some of The Who's &
Pete's later operatic attempts - showing  the QUAD album, Pete's
LIFEHOUSE CHRONICLES, &, somewhat out of place,  the
helmet that Daltrey wore for the ODDS & SODS cover shot.   I
stared at the helmet for a long time.  (!)

Nice  exhibit.  Nothing extraordinary.  Worth it for Who  freaks.

- SCHRADE in  Akron

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