Rock and Roll Circus

Sigel, James (N-CSC) james.sigel at
Tue Apr 4 12:18:18 CDT 2006

Watched the Rolling Stone's Rock and Roll Circus the other was
wonderfully fun.  The DVD I rented had the circus itself and of course,
some supplemental goodies too.  Most notably, an interview with Pete,
which I believe is circa 1995 when the full feature was released.  Very
fun listening to Pete reminisce about the Stones, Brian Jones, Yoko
Oh-No, et al.


Aside from Marianne Faithful and Yoke-Oh, the performances were very
good.  Nothing against Marianne, but her whole presentation/performance
was too Carol Burnett compared to the rest.  And Yoko..?  A fast-forward
moment, no doubt; sounds like a bag of kitty cats fighting to the death.
I just don't know what John Lennon saw in that rubbish; only the best
drugs I suppose.  But I digress...


Jethro Tull, Taj Mahal, The Dirty Mac (Lennon, Clapton, Richards and
Mitchell), and of course The Who were great.  The great surprise for me
was the Stones' performance.  For years, we always heard the Mick and
the boys weren't very happy with their performance which was why it was
never released, but after seeing them, I just can't understand why.  For
me, this was one of the finest performances by them I've seen/heard.
Great song selection - Jumpin' Jack Flash, Parachute Woman, No
Expectations (such a sweet version), You Can't Always Get WYW, Sympathy
for the Devil - this was the Stones at their peak IMHO.  And Jagger
actually sang (and rather beautifully I might add) instead of his later
grunting and groaning.  Oh the high notes in 1968 Mick WAS
the Devil!  Great stuff.


The only Who-related material that struck me was the slight changes in
camera angles during their performance; slightly different then the TKAA
film clip.  During the "You are forgiven" sequence in A Quick One, the
close-up of Keith singing along with Pete so prominent in The Kids film
is edited differently for the Circus.  Instead of Keith mouthing, "
I back in your arms, away from all harm" we see Pete singing instead.
Interesting difference in edits.


Any-Who, I'd hoped to see more Pete and Keith clowning around with the
seat covers on their heads, but there's still a couple shots of them
messing about which was nice.  All in all, I HIGHLY recommend the Rock
and Roll Circus to everyone.  A fantastic time-capsule with excellent
rock music by some of the gods of rock, not to mention some fun
interaction between Jagger and Lennon.  Grade A.


Jim in Colorado

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