April Fool's?? Rachel Fuller Reportedly Leaves One WHO Bandmate For Another

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Sat Apr 1 09:40:09 CST 2006

UK Singer Rachel Fuller Reportedly Leaves One WHO Bandmate For Another

(ROITERS, Londonn) April 1, 2006 --British independent rock singer and 
internet music broadcaster Rachel Fuller is rumored to have broken up with 
boyfriend/guitarist Pete Townshend of The Who, and has reportedly shacked up 
with Townshend's longtime band mate and singer Roger Daltrey.

Fuller, who is finishing up her new EP (with a working title of 'Cigars and 
Hedonism'), walked out on the rock legend after reportedly finding out that 
both Townshend and Fuller's 'In The Attic' co-star Mikey Cuthbert were 
allegedly bootlegging DVD copies of her broadcast through an illegal Chinese 
manufacturing plant. Townshend was scheduled to perform his new 63-song, 5 
CD interactive electric jazz skiffle short story opera entitled "Everything 
And The Kitchen Sink" uninterrupted for 4 hours next week, but Fuller has 
suspended her 'Attic' broadcast indefinitely.

Cuthbert allegedly tried to cut a deal with Fuller by donating his prized 
possession -- his hair -- to a charity of Fuller's choice but that was 
rejected. Asked whether Fuller would sue The Who legend for his actions, she 
said, "My advice to you, Mr. Reporter -- stop taking drugs. It's obviously 
clouding your brain." Fuller would not comment directly on the Daltrey 
rumors (who is already married), although a close source to Fuller said that 
the gorgeous thirty-something rocker reportedly said "You honestly 
think...I'd leave a balding 60 year old guy...for his shorter 62 year old 

Regarding The Who, the two surviving band mates have naturally put aside 
their personal differences for the millionth time and are cashing in on 
arena shows throughout Europe. However, a scaled down "living room tour" of 
the U.S. is being scheduled for a 25-city tour. Selected fans (chosen by 
lottery) that have at least 5,000 square feet of living space, have at least 
one acre of land and can secure local security from the Boy Scouts of 
America will be allowed to accommodate The Who's 20 tons of equipment for a 
two-hour show in their backyard. Opening for The Who is the Casbah Club, a 
mini-UK supergroup unknown to U.S. fans that plans to quadruple their base 
of U.S. fans to 200 by tour's end.

The following U.S. cities, based on the current Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities 
in the U.S., have been selected: Camden, NJ; Detroit, MI; St. Louis, MO; 
Flint, MI; Richmond, VA; Baltimore, MD; Atlanta, GA; New Orleans, LA; Gary, 
IN; Birmingham, AL; Richmond, CA; Cleveland, OH; Washington, DC; West Palm 
Beach, FL; Compton, CA; Memphis, TN; Dayton, OH; San Bernardino, CA; 
Springfield, MA; Cincinnati, OH; Oakland, CA; Dallas, TX; Newark, NJ; 
Hartford, CT; Little Rock, AR.

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