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Thu Mar 31 22:55:21 CST 2005

>EMPTY GLASS had some good music.  People bought it.   CHINESE
EYES, less so.  WHITE CITY, less so.  IRON MAN, less  so.  PSYCHO-
D, less so.

>This isn't because the music  declined in quality, though.  It could be that 
he got further from hard  rock as he went along, but mostly I think the loss 
of sales was because of  his loss of name recognition.  After The Who went 
out of business in  1983, how many people continued to follow Pete's solo 
career?  There  just wasn't enough promotion to keep him in the public eye.

You don't need name recognition if you have catchy tunes. It  just helps to 
have promotion.  Pete was making more art and music  as time went by and lost 
the riffs and hooks.  Hits are what the *kids*  want to hear.  They want to 
hear that guitar.
Although Tommy is a masterpiece, what made it sell?  Cool songs like  Pinball 
Wizard, I'm Free, and Go to The Mirror. Songs with monster riffs.  If he came 
up with some guitar riffs put to a solid beat -(like U2  just did) people 
would take notice quickly.  
I think that Pete got way too complicated. Now "How can you help the one  you 
really love" is the best song I've ever heard him come up with. But it won't  
sell because nobody gives a shit about anybody else.
Jon in Mi.

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