Ginger junior to the rescue. My rant.

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Thu Mar 31 16:52:12 CST 2005

>How could Zak have quit if he's not officially a member in the first  place?
Right.  He just had more important things to do...  -Than to  record an album 
with THE WHO!
 I used to think him irreplaceable. Now I'm not so sure. I'm so  pissed that 
I'd go for giving somebody that wants to play in the band a  shot.
This is The Who.  This isn't a band doing semi-covers copying  their heroes.  
This is the real thing. Pete with The Who invents music  that has never been 
made before and says things that aren't  trendy.  Pete's writing is timeless 
and it hits the bullseye of  the human heart.  Pete's thoughtful mind coupled 
along with his life  experiences have turned him into a goldmine that needs to 
be tapped.  What  would be more important as a drummer than being a part of 
this?   Money?  Recognition?  Zak doesn't strike me as one who needs either of  
these.  Is he easily persuaded?  Maybe none of these matter and it's  just 
something to do.  Oasis is selling.
Noel said that on their new album, (due May 30th, "Don't Believe the  Truth" 
-the one with Zak on it (!) ) the first single, 'Lyla'   "Is The  Who."        
Pete is a creative original and does things his own way. He  *creates*. He's 
not a poser, nor does he steal from others.   (Except maybe from the Kinks.)  
Takes too long?  Just how long  does it take to create something that is a 
*masterpeice* that may well get  panned or worse yet, ignored?  Does anyone 
realize what is at stake given  the history?  He's writing Who songs again!  I say 
take the time it  takes to get it right and do like they said, throw it out if 
it sounds like  shit.  The first two songs sounded heavenly.  
Oasis began recording their latest album in Nov. of 2003. After  firing their 
drummer in January of 2004, they approached Zak about working  with them. 
During this time there has been big plans in the Who  camp and a ton of activity 
in the preceding 7 years. After putting out two  new songs in 2004, they 
determined that in 2005 they were going to finally do  the album and a tour. Pete 
has been writing for this for three  years. Where is Zak in 2005?  Recording, 
playing, and  touring with a band that is trying to sound like The Who!  Maybe 
Zak  wants to be with people his own age.  Maybe he wants to be *in* the  
band.  Maybe he is sick of The Who?  At any rate, he chose Oasis over  The Who for 
some reason and Pete let it be known.
Zak is a great drummer, but he's no Keith Moon.  He plays "in the  tradition" 
of Keith but not in his style. There are thousands of drummers  that would 
die to get behind that kit.  I say hold auditions, find one that  has the feel 
and can do it and go on with The Who in spite of Oasis'  thievery.  If they 
don't find a suitable one, wait for Zak.  If they  do, Oasis can have Zak to help 
churn out that bullshit. 
Jon in Mi.

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