Solo animated dreams...

Tom Fency tomfency at
Thu Mar 31 20:43:46 CST 2005

>I just can't accept the sentiment that Pete's solo albums don't sell well
>because they're artistic/esoteric & not commercial.  TOMMY is artistic
>& esoteric.  It sold well.  People will buy it if the music's good.

Exactly, and Pete's problem was that he liked it, and tried to emulate that 
feeling again and again with all his new releases. Some did, others didn't, 
but he kept and keeps trying... what a fucking crank... with or without The 
Who, here we go again with another piece of art... but, in the end, who 
cares... they are dead already... the prophecy was fulfilled and they indeed 
died before got old… ok, ok, a little bit of old…


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