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Jim M NakedI at
Thu Mar 31 20:40:19 CST 2005

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> I still maintain, apart from WHO CAME FIRST, ROUGH MIX, & the
> SCOOP series, that he was aiming/hoping for mass appeal with his solo
> releases.

Well, we're not that far apart.  I just added Iron Man to that list.  How 
can you say that was aiming for mass appeal?  Anyway, that's more than half 
of his catalog!

> I just can't accept the sentiment that Pete's solo albums don't sell well
> because they're artistic/esoteric & not commercial.  TOMMY is artistic
> & esoteric.  It sold well.  People will buy it if the music's good.

Sometimes they do.  More often they buy "fluff" like Sting and Phil Collins. 
Don't you think?

> The record companies aren't there to finance Pete's personal artistic
> visions.  They're in the business to make money.  Pete knows this.

I think Pete and the record companies approached it with the attitude that 
he's guaranteed to sell enough to make it worh while just because of who he 
is.  Obvioiusly, this is no longer true.  For the record companies, it was a 
no risk gamble.  For Pete, it was a way to make whatever music he wanted, 
without having to cater to the rest of The Who and without having to do huge 
concert tours.

> I understand Pete will never write fluff like Phil Collins or Sting.  But 
> I
> don't believe he's completely satisfied when his solo albums don't sell -
> thinking that, in any case, he's stayed true to his artistic integrity.

Who said *completely*?  Remember the original question was "where does the 
idea that Pete wants to be as successful as Sting, Clapton, etc. come from?" 
My point is, looking at some of the choices he's made, I don't think that's 
the most important thing to him.

Jim M 

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