Ginger Junior to the Rescue

Sigel, James (N-CSC) james.sigel at
Thu Mar 31 08:33:03 CST 2005


The son of legendary CREAM </new/artist.nsf/artistnames/cream>  drummer
GINGER BAKER has contacted THE WHO
</new/artist.nsf/artistnames/the%20who>  guitarist PETE TOWNSHEND
</new/artist.nsf/artistnames/pete%20townshend>  to offer his services,
following last week's (ends25MAR05) news that ex-BEATLE RINGO STARR
</new/artist.nsf/artistnames/beatle%20ringo%20starr> 's son ZAK STARKEY
has quit the band.
Starkey's decision to continue playing with OASIS - who sacked their own
drummer ALAN WHITE last year (04) - led to The Who scrapping plans to
tour and record a new album.
However, Baker's son KOFI has now volunteered to fill the role once
occupied by wildman KEITH MOON - although he doesn't have the same taste
for the high life as the late sticksman had.
Baker's ex-wife and Kofi's mother Liz says, "Kofi doesn't take drugs and
he doesn't drink. You're more likely to find him in the gym."
She adds, "Ginger has always said that Kofi has more technique than him.
He could do a good job for anyone."
It is currently unknown whether Townshend has accepted Kofi's offer.
Jim in Colorado

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