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>Subject: Re: Pete's solo success compared to peers...
>> Ya have to ask yourself why he again began to focus on The Who after 
>> the commercial failure of Psycho-D.
>mm, "psycho" was in 1993.

Well, mmm, no, it was originally supposed to be released in 1991.
But, Pete then had his bicycle accident which delayed any further work
until 1993.  After the dialog version bombed, he released the "music
only" version.
Toured PD very briefly into mid-late '93.
Tommy on stage and anniversary brought him back to The Who, but it is my
contention (one that you can't prove or disprove...  :-p ) that the
commercial flop of PD pushed his focus back to The Who and developing
Quad for another go live.
The success of the Quad tours, and the lack of success of any solo
projects or tours, (and a bunch of pressure from Roger, I'm sure) led
him to continue to work with The Who....
And now, we're up to speed.
These things don't come together overnight.  There are months and years
of planning and work before the actual presentations.
>Jessica rabbit?

Only in my animated dreams.  (doh!)
>From: "Jim M" <NakedI at>
>Subject: Re: Pete's solo success compared to peers...
>But I see him more as an artist who wants 
>to get *his* message across and would rather do that to a hundred
>than to change it and reach a million.  I'm basing that opinion on his
>catalog itself.

Yeah, but Jim, you could say that for just about all solo artists.  It's
always a tug-of-war (do what I want, vs. what the record companies think
"they" want).
Those with true success have both.
Pete doesn't.
And, I'm sure Pete wants it.

>He want to be 
>'obscure and oblique' not 'popular.'  Remember, Scott, he changed that 

He also wants to be "feared in his <my> neighborhood."
Ya think he still wants that?  ;-)

>At least that's my view.

Sunny skies and big mountains here!  (?)

Kevin in VT

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