What Pete wants

Keithjmoon70 at aol.com Keithjmoon70 at aol.com
Tue Mar 29 08:07:04 CST 2005

Pete is a man.  A very human and considerate one at that. He is  not a 
businessman. Along with what was stated, I think that Pete wants to  be believed in. 
 He wants his cries to be heard by those that won't use his  honesty as a 
means to use him.  Or betray him.
Jon in Mi.
>I think he wants to be effective, to be participative, to be  important...


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>>Based on that  perception, I think Pete don't give a fuck about Jagger,
>Bowie,  Clapton, Macca and their success or dollars, I think they are  no
>reference at all to what Pete really  wants.
>Pete wants to be loved?  Hmmm.  I  dunno if that's right.  Maybe,  adored?

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