Delayed- "Not cancelled" Animated Babes....

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Mon Mar 28 17:04:13 CST 2005

Kevin sez:
>Ya have to ask yourself why he again began to focus on The Who after  the
commercial failure of Psycho-D.
Maybe he had enough space to realize how special the band was and since  
technology caught up, wanted to tour Quad the right way?  Maybe with the  
catalogue overhaul, he got back into Who mode?  Maybe he wanted to go out  on top 
instead of ending with his music laying in the bargain bin? (which is  where I 
picked up PD from)!
<Entwistle Voice>...."welcome."
Why, thank you!  You too, Jim In Colo.  Howdy to the rest.  
>>And the Mom was so hot!

>You should check  out Kimpossible!  Me-yow!
Right!  But did you ever hear the sexy voice of Sally, on Sonic the  Hedgehog 
back in '93?   I think it's the same lady as  Kimpossible. 
Speaking of Elastigirl, did ya'll see that Burger King commercial with  
cowboy "Hootie" singing on it about a "train of women with a nice  caboose"!? What 
did *that* have to do with a hamburger?  Whatever, I  got in my car and went 
straight to Burger King after that effective  advertising.
>>Oh yeah, and Oasis sucks.

>Perhaps.  But,  they're better with Zak!  (assumption alert.)
Ugh. Who cares.  I saw Zak with the Healers and it wasn't that  great. 
Different band entirely. Ya know, there's a chance that since  Oasis approached Zak 
in the middle of The Who's comeback, we may not ever hear  The Who again.
I'm not down on Zak for taking a job, but man, his dad is a Beatle.  I  could 
see doing some session work, but a full-blown tour with another  band?  Zak 
is the reason the Who was able to recapture their dynamic  sound.  Pete 
realizes this too, for he's willing to wait for Zak before  recording.  *We* knew 
about the album and the momentum was there.  Who  is Oasis?  Who do they think 
they are? Wonderwall.  Bor-ing.   Just some unoriginal punks that took somebody 
else's drummer.  I don't know  the details of course, but I know this much.
Pete was miffed.  He took too long?  They told *us* the schedule  and Zak is 
gone!  I hate Oasis.
Jon in Mi.

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