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Wow! That was incredibly insightful AND bitter. I understand though, because we fans can't help but feel this way when we wait and wait and yearn for something to look forward to from Pete and Rog. I don't think Pete hates The Who, but I think he must feel like it's a bit pointless without John and Keith, whose contributions I think he has always valued, especially when he found the band without those contributions. When he says in an interview that "...The Who was not the band I wanted...", he is being wry, not bitter. The very fact that he still allows Roger to drag him out from time to time as "The Who", when he'd rather be doing something else not so damaging to his ears shows how much affection he has for the band. 

Roger is so down-to-earth that it's easy for him to say "this is what we do, so let's do it", but Pete is trying to be relevant and I just don't think he has found the inspiration yet, which is why he keeps revisiting Tommy and Quadrophenia and Lifehouse in new and different ways. I can't accept the fact that Pete's problems with the new album or with The Who in general in the 21st century are a way of taking advantage of us or blowing off Roger. More than anything I think he has writer's block because he keeps thinking that there is "Who music" and "Pete music" when they've always been one in the same. Maybe he thinks that without Keith and John the "Pete music" can't be translated into "Who music" anymore.

Okay, I'm starting to ramble...sorry. We really need more frequent diary entries from the guy.

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> But I see him more as an artist who wants
> to get *his* message across and would rather do that to a hundred thousand
> than to change it and reach a million.

I used to think this to. But it's bullshit. Pete has no message. He only has
an overwhelming need to write music. I think he's incredibly insecure about
what he does write and thus very sensitive when he's not hailed as the next
great musical composer.

He hates The Who and looks down on Rock and Roll as a legitimate medium.
Pete has no desire to create anything under the banner of The Who ever
again. He won't say it out loud, because he needs us to finance his next
yachting trip by staying tuned in with our futile hopes. This will be his
tragic flaw in the end. Roger, John and Keith were gifts to him and he has
turned up his nose in conceit. We will never see another album with Roger as
long as Pete can come up with enough excuses to last until Roger no longer
has the chops to sing.

Pete has been made rich by creating something that is counter to his every
instinct as an artist. We as fans think The Who is the most incredible
musical invention. Pete doesn't share our fascination. Roger does.

It's all so tragic really. To create something that so many people love and
to loathe it yourself. That is Pete's dilemma and it is ours.

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