The Increadibles solo success...

Tom Fency tomfency at
Tue Mar 29 12:50:24 CST 2005

>Make no mistake....Pete judges success just like anyone sales
>and media accolades (we've seen proof that he reads reviews and is
>effected by them).
>If it was just for his own personal success, he would never release any
>of his solo material.

It is not that he doesn't matter with cd sales and media accolades, but that 
he wants above all else to be original and innovative, and he knows that is 
risky. Pete is always taking risks because it's the way he likes, and it's 
only because of that attitude that we have Tommy, Who's Next, Quadrophenia, 
Iron Man, PsichoD, made for his own taste and, perhaps (God only knows), to 
public success.

>If we're talking monetary success, they are all successful.  It's not
>about money.
>It's about being perceived by those that matter to Pete, as a successful
>solo artist.
>He's not there, and he knows it.  He *knows* he can stand
>shoulder-to-shoulder with his peers as a member of The Who, but he also
>knows that he can't as a solo artist.

He knows he is better than them, solo or as a member of The Who, and we know 

>I keep thinking of the quote from the guitarist for
>Aerosmith.....<paraphrase>..."the reason Pete is so pissed on stage, is
>that he knows he can't play lead guitar as well as others..."
>When I heard that I was like "OOOOHHHHHHH!  That hurts!".  But,
>sometimes, the truth does that to you.

But he can play loud, the right notes (sometimes a little wrong) just in the 
right time with the most aggressive way ever seen, and that's fine because 
it's the way we like...

> >Just my humble opinion.
>Mine as well...


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