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>From: "Tom Fency" <tomfency at>
>Subject: RE: Pete's solo success compared to peers...
>I don't know if Pete has always referenced his peers as Jagger, Bowie, 
>Clapton, Macca,

Well, they are the people that come to mind first as his friends from
*way* back, and continue today.
People he respects.  People he's been in competition with. 

>So, I think Pete 
>is, without any doubt, a success addictive, but success in his terms,
>art, sense and meaning...

Make no mistake....Pete judges success just like anyone sales
and media accolades (we've seen proof that he reads reviews and is
effected by them).
If it was just for his own personal success, he would never release any
of his solo material.

>Based on that perception, I think Pete don't give a fuck about Jagger, 
>Bowie, Clapton, Macca and their success or dollars

If we're talking monetary success, they are all successful.  IT's not
about money.
It's about being perceived by those that matter to Pete, as a successful
solo artist.
He's not there, and he knows it.  He *knows* he can stand
shoulder-to-shoulder with his peers as a member of The Who, but he also
knows that he can't as a solo artist.

I keep thinking of the quote from the guitarist for
Aerosmith.....<paraphrase>..."the reason Pete is so pissed on stage, is
that he knows he can't play lead guitar as well as others..."
When I heard that I was like "OOOOHHHHHHH!  That hurts!".  But,
sometimes, the truth does that to you.

>Just my humble opinion.

Mine as well...

>From: "L. Bird" <pkeets at>
>Subject: RE: Pete's solo success compared to peers...
>I dunno about those other guys, but somehow Eric Clapton has failed to
>the Queen's long term memory.  Do you suppose she'd recognize Pete's

Unfortunately, Pete's name is probably the most recognizable to the
Queen from *all* the rock stars (Elton and Macca excluded).  But, it's
not because of Pete's music.  A begins with a "P" and ends
with "scandal."
The Queen reads the papers.

>PG for action violence.  I suspect it's almost more for adults and
>teens than children.  There are references to a number of super-hero
>and also various Marvel characters.  However, there are a couple of
>superheros that are likely to cause more questions from toddlers than
>slam, bam, pow stuff.

As I feared.
We have to even limit exposure to "Finding Nemo", as it can get pretty
intense for a young-in.
Hell, the opening scene is traumatic even to Dads!


Kevin in VT

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