Pete's solo success compared to peers...

Tom Fency tomfency at
Mon Mar 28 16:29:25 CST 2005

I don’t know if Pete has always referenced his peers as Jagger, Bowie, 
Clapton, Macca, or even if success is a reference to him at all, at least 
personal success in mundane sense, like “Mirror, mirror, tell me, is there 
anyone more famous than me?”
I think success is indeed a reference to Pete, but success as a thermometer 
of synchronicity, that sense of riding the wave on surf, the wave being 
public taste and surf being your talent and creativeness. It’s a sense of 
changing the world, being the channel for revolution, and the reference here 
is always Tommy, that fucking blind, deaf and dumb boy, and his deep mystery 
of being so famous being so ridiculous and unpretentious... So, I think Pete 
is, without any doubt, a success addictive, but success in his terms, with 
art, sense and meaning…
Based on that perception, I think Pete don't give a fuck about Jagger, 
Bowie, Clapton, Macca and their success or dollars, I think they are no 
reference at all to what Pete really wants.
It's human nature to be competitive, but there’s always a way to satisfy 
this necessity, as racing yachts matches, or watching soccer on TV, these 
kind of inoffensive pleasures.
Just my humble opinion.


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