Who Scrap Tour and Album

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Mon Mar 28 16:59:37 CST 2005

> And don't think I haven't been sitting here eagerly, hoping to make
> you eat those words you said so long ago.  :)  Personally, I don't
> give a shit about what the Who do.  I care most about proving you
> wrong.  :)
> Jason

Hahahaha.  Your relying on Pete Townshend.  I'll still take Time over PT 
anyday.  Unlike Pete, Time keep's on working. Time never stops, never 
bitches, and never waivers. Time is kicking Pete's ass.  It was 22 years ago 
when I first heard about The Who's new album, Seige.  Time - 22 Pete - 0

Time! Keep on working, keep on working.  Keep on working, keep on working...


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